Finished Manuscripts

Ghost of a Chance

After years of surviving in London’s dangerous slums, Kestrel MacRae is desperate to keep a deathbed promise to her mother. Somehow she must find a way to Scotland to prove her father’s innocence regarding a plot to kill Charles Stuart. When she picks the pocket of Devon Trevelyan, one of the court’s most notorious rakes, she enters a world of dangerous deception and intrigue. There she must choose between fulfilling a promise to her mother or gambling with her heart.

When Angels Fall 

After a murder attempt by his twin brother and years at sea, Nicholas St. Aubyn settles down with a wife and two children in puritanical New England.  But when his wife dies, and his son is killed in a tragic accident, this former pirate is forced to return to London with his young daughter to confront the demons of his past. There, he meets Isobel Montigue, a talented actress with dark secrets of her own. Soon, they are not only testing the limits of trust and forgiveness. Against the odds, they discover the strength of family ties and the healing power of love.