Works in Progress

Where Wild Hearts Meet

Broghan O’Connell has just inherited a title he does not want. His mother wants to return to England. He wants to stay in Nebraska and farm his land. When he discovers Lady Hilary Thornton-Smith dressed as a boy hiding in his stateroom on a ship bound for America, he feels compelled to help her. He offers her a position as a companion to his wild younger sister. But when her brother charges him with kidnapping and threatens to throw Broghan into prison on their return to England, he has to choose whether to follow his dream to keep his land or, stay and fight for the woman who has stolen his heart.

After the Rain

Meggie O’Shaunessey is a thief. An unwitting one, but a thief non-the-less. When she is attacked by her employer, Meggie catches a mail-coach to London to start a new life. On the way, she meets Count Alexzy Ravanesceau and his gypsy grandmother who are fleeing Europe for reasons of their own. Alexzy employs Meggie as a maid, and they emigrate to America. Without the constraints of societal expectations will the two of them be free to pursue a relationship, or will a dark secret from  Meggie’s past tear them apart?