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Kestrel MacRae survived the last five years in London living in hovels and in the dens of thieves. She can fleece a purse without making a sound and smile when she’s stealing bread. But when she picks the pocket of Devon Trevelyan, Kestrel enters a sophisticated world where words have double meanings, secrets become lies exposed, and trust is a matter of convenience. Devon fights to keep her with him, but will the truth tear them apart or will his dream become reality?

Ghost of a Chance – Kindle edition by Lynne, Tricia . Romance Kindle eBooks @

Fifteen years after a botched murder attempt by his twin brother, Niles, Nicholas St. Aubyn has returned to England. Nothing will stop him from burying his infant son in the St. Aubyn cemetery. Not even the fact that he could be hung for piracy. Vowing to retrieve his birthright for his daughter, Nicholas vows to ruin Niles’ reputation as an esteemed theologian. He takes the lead in a play and meets Isobel Montigue, a talented actress with dark secrets of her own. Soon, they have to test their loyalty to each other and their own limits of trust and forgiveness. When Angels Fall eBook : Lynne, Tricia : Kindle Store