Writing Research

17th Century Weaponry.

Restoration England


17th Century Clothing

17th Century Blogs

Books For Research

  • Pirate Soul. The Golden Age of Pirates-Pat Croce
  • The Stuart Courts-Eveline Cruickshanks
  • Mr. Charles King of England-John Drinkwater
  • King Charles II-Antonia Fraser
  • Cromwell-Antonia Fraser
  • The Stuarts-Antonia Fraser
  • The Weaker Vessel-Antonia Fraser
  • Lord Rochester’s Monkey-Graham Greene
  • Clans and Chiefs-Ian Grimble
  • A Restoration Reader-James Holly Hanford
  • The Great Fire of London-Neil Hanson
  • Restoration London-Liza Picard
  • Samuel Pepys-Claire Tomalin
  • Pepys Diaries
  • Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, and Revolution
  • English Society 1580-1680-Keith Wrightson

Articles/Misc and other information